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Productionmusic - Special Musicarchive for Professionals
Productionmusic - Special Musicarchive for Professionals
Good day,

We welcome you to the website of Merlin Glide music treasure chest. Here you find the right music for your movie or your TV or radio show. This original library consists of music of all genres with the most sophisticated and successful global sounds.

If you opened this page, we will assume that you have the music from the Music Promotion Network already heard, and that you now want to use their extensive background information. This is the right way. In the other case, write us an e-mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please enter your landline number with.

We are pleased to have you here. In the navigation bar and below on this page are links for each click. There you will find sophisticated documents, which give a clear overview of the characteristics and features of the 150 title, and precisely describe the characters and their moods they express. Furthermore, image and scene descriptions, which can be brought in connection with the music. You will quickly understand how the specific information can be reliably applied to the individual scores. Selecting, classifications and apply the appropriate music is much easier this way. You can also easily print these documents for your use.

What is needed is, and remains, even still, his own imagination of the user, because good music is in their system naturally associative, so in most cases in addition to general impressions, individual perceptions, feelings and thoughts are triggered, which are particularly valuable.

As the saying goes: The voice within you be your advisor, or what is the message of the little prince in the illustrated story by Antoine de Saint - Exupery? "It is only with the heart that really well." - Ultimately, the inner voice to decide on the appropriate selection of music. As indicated on these pages originate from a deep true heart and love of music, strong emotion and professional, developed over decades, cognitive ability. They are intended as a reliable excitation, and should be reviewed with your own heart, your own body sensations and your own thought process and for their own work to be completed in person as possible and extended.
That music can support the effect of pictures, films and radio plays carry enormous, and enrich it remembers every one. Just as a man with a beautiful voice and wins the heart of his fellow men, the right music to a movie or radio play will help make an even greater attraction force.

Precautions: The currently selected Merlin Glide scores must note the restrictions under the 3371 Code label Fläschner Records, Gemanummer: 843 681 are entered, P. Fläschner in the respective broadcasting lists and protocols for the settlement of the Gema.

Merlin Glide like to compose for you personally if you wish.

For further information please write to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it